Mid term exam

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Mid Term variant A 1 course docx 2022-2023 updated (3)

Kafedra mudiri:
G. X. Xasanova
_________ 2023

Variant A


  1. Listen to the radio programme and circle the correct options.

  1. The programme is about people who change their ________

  1. job b) nationality c) name

  1. People have _________ for changing.

  1. many reasons b) three reasons c) one main reason

  1. Susan explains that Muhammad Ali’s ____________

  1. real name was Cassius Clay b) first religion was Christian c) name is Arabic

  1. The program mentions several famous

  1. sportspeople b) writers c) singers

  1. Many people change their names when they move to a new country, especially in _______

  1. Europe b) the USA and England c) films

  1. The programme mentions Angelina Jolie’s ________

  1. childhood b) father c) children

  1. Listen to three people talking about technology and choose the correct answer.

  1. Sofie ________

  1. is a teacher b) works with technology c) is a schoolgirl

  1. Sofie thinks people concentrate better

  1. when they use technology

  2. without technology

  3. when they wear headphones

  1. What punishment does Lui suggest?

  1. Cleaning the tube

  2. Paying some money

  3. Cleaning the streets

  1. What punishment does Pamela suggest?

  1. Reading emails from her

  2. Writing spam messages

  3. Reading spam messages

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