Shanti Maurice has created a brand new five night 'Bye Bye Jet Lag'

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Shanti Maurice launches its new Bye-Bye-Jet-Lag package

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Luxury Mauritian resort, Shanti Maurice has created a brand new five night 'Bye Bye Jet Lag' package designed to help guests overcome the debilitating effects of jet lag. This bespoke package consists of various customised activities and treatments to help guests' body clocks acclimatise, ensuring a smooth transition both in and out of Mauritian time. 


This holistic offering includes two evening magnesium sleep therapy treatments in the Nira Spa, designed to stimulate the production of melatonin, the body's natural sleep hormone. The treatment is followed by a hydro bath experience, which combines herbal and magnesium in a hydro jet bath to prepare both the mind and body for a good night's sleep. 


To further enhance a relaxed state of mind, guests are treated to a holistic inspired private meditation experience as well as a breathing technique session. For those trying to adjust their appetites to or from Mauritius time, an "out of hours" evening picnic is provided, which guests can enjoy on the beach, overlooking the lapping waves.


In order to ensure a gentle transition into the day ahead, guests are treated to two morning yoga sessions and one yoga bike tour to help gently adjust to local time. Once the effects of jet lag have been effectively overcome, the package offers three relaxing Shanti Fusion treatments at the Nira Spa designed to achieve a balance between the inner and the outer self, to maintain an optimum sense of relaxation and wellbeing for the duration of the holiday. 


The Bye Bye Jet Lag package costs from £4,320 per person. The package includes 5 nights in a Junior Ocean vVew suite at Shanti Maurice, 2 private morning yoga sessions, 1 yoga bike tour, one private meditation session, 1 night time breathing techinque session, 2 magnesium sleep therapy treatments with a hydro bath experience, 3 Shanti Fusion treatments and an evening picnic on the beach

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