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City budget

Types of income


(thousand rubles)



(thousand rubles)
















Municipal property
54 municipal enterprises, organizations and establishments of Yessentuki carry out financial and economic activity on 1/1/2016 in the city.
Employment and labor market

Has addressed in job search (people)


It is employed (people)


The number of the registered jobless (people)


Number receiving benefit for a year (people)


Unemployment rate, for the end of the reporting period (%)


The sum of the paid grants (thousand rubles)


Including financial support (thousand rubles)


Sanatorium and hotel complexes
Tourism and resort service belongs to the most dynamically developing and quickly paid back branches.

Considerable branch of development of a city economy is sanatorium and hotel complexes.

29 sanatorium establishments, on 8026 locations on 1/1/2016 carry out the activity in the city. All health resorts of the city of Yessentuki work smoothly. On average in a year the fullness vacationers of health resort has reached 100%, the average duration of stay in the resort of the vacationer has made 18 days.

The health resort of the city of Yessentuki in 2015 155,6 thousand people accepted on treatment and rest, a flow of tourists is increased by 9,4 thousand people or for 6,4% more than 2014. In trade-union health resorts 41,5 thousand people, other forms of ownership – 114,1 thousand people, growth of number of vacationers concerning level have had a rest 2014 I have made 8,7% (in kind 9,9 thousand more than people).

Our city in 2015 was visited by 15,2 thousand foreign citizens.

The resort is popular not only with adult population, but also children and teenagers.

In 2015 it is accepted on improvement – 15,4 thousand children that has made 9,9% of total number of vacationers.

The cost of one day of stay in sanatorium establishments averaged 1606,83 rubles.

The greatest number of vacationers arrives to the resort town of Yessentuki from Moscow (6,2 thousand people), Rostov (4,5 thousand people), Voronezh (1,7 thousand people) areas, Krasnodar Krai (3,7 thousand people), Republics of Dagestan (2,3 thousand people) and Azerbaijan.

From activity of sanatorium city institutions the sum of tax revenues in all levels of the budget for 2015 has made – 287,4 million rubles. (growth on. or 8% to the level of 2014), in the local budget – 91,9 million rubles. The volume of tax revenues in all levels of the budget in relation to 2014 has increased by 8% or for 21,3 million rubles.

Tourism is one of the most perspective branches of economy which has to be one of key priorities of economic development, the resort town of Yessentuki. Turistsko - improving business - the favorable environment for attraction of small and average business which stimulates development of such branches of a city economy as construction, trade, production of consumer goods, public catering, communication, etc.

On 01.01.2016 in the city there are 31 hotels, for 2015 33,6 thousand people or 99% by the corresponding period of 2014 have been placed. For 2015 the general bed capacity of hotel complex has made - 956 places, bed capacity in work – 953 places or 104,5% by the corresponding period of 2014. The minimum cost of accommodation in hotels of the city of Yessentuki for 2015 has made: – 1432,26 rubles.

According to MRIFNS of Russia No. 10 on SK the sum of tax revenues in all levels of the budget from activity of the enterprises of hotel complex for 2015 has made 7,9 million rubles that it is less for 0,9 million rubles, than for the similar period of 2014.

The analysis and the forecast of cumulative demand in the tourist market has shown, that the number of the visiting tourists of sanatorium and hotel complexes increases every year, and tendencies of growth of a tourist stream will remain in the short term. Number of vacationers around the city Yessentuki for 2015 I have reached 189,2 thousand people that is 9 thousand more than people or 5% to the level of 2014 (in 2014 by 2013 the gain has made 15,1 thousand people or 9%; in 2013 by 2012 - 10,2 thousand people or 6,7%).

For the purpose of involvement of vacationers and tourists to the resort town of Yessentuki by the organizations of a recreational and tourist complex it is taken part in the following actions:

- in a seminar conference to the devoted development of tourist destination which purpose was development of new concepts on advance of resort tourist destination and development of practical decisions on increase in an exchange of tourist streams between the cities and regions;

- in the international and Russian trade fairs: To the X International tourist exhibition "Inturmarket-2015"; "Travel and tourism" SITT 2015;

in the annual Forum "Zdravnitsa2015"; XVI international festival of tourism and rest "The world without borders; To the XIV Azerbaijani international exhibition "Tourism and travel""; international festival "Health care. Resort medicine"; To the Russian-Kazakhstan industrial exhibition "EXPO-RUSSIA KAZAKHSTAN 2015"; tourist forum of Central Asia KITF Exhibition; "Yugra Expo" in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk in the territory of the Congress and exhibition center within "Week of tourism"; to the 23rd International tourist INWETEX-CIS TravelMarket exhibition which took place in St. Petersburg; to the 12th international tourist exhibition "AstanaLeisure 2015", in the city of Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, in exhibition complex to "Stern".

On January 16, 2015 in sanatorium "Pearl of the Caucasus" the opening ceremony and commissioning of a medical and improving technique, new to sanatorium, took place with use of a cedar aroma-sauna "Health resort".

The device is the patented medical development of the Siberian scientists which cabin is made of environmentally friendly material – the Siberian cedar. The procedures which are released with use of "Health resort" are recommended by the Ministry of Health of Russia.

On June 20, 2015 celebration of the well-known Mud baths has taken place of N. A. Semashko in the city of Yessentuki she executed 100 years. The mud baths are division of Sanatorium of G. K. Ordzhonikidze – Federal State Budgetary Institution Federal Medical Center branch of Federal Agency for State Property Management and are in property of the Russian Federation on the basis of the Resolution No. 112 of 18.02.2002. "About differentiation of the property rights on property of the sanatorium establishments located in the resort region of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region".

The mud baths of N. A. Semashko are object of cultural heritage of federal importance and are accepted under protection of the state on the basis of the Resolution of Council of ministers of RSFSR of 04.12.1974 No. 624 "About addition and partial change of the resolution of Council of ministers of RSFSR of 30.08.1960.

No. 1327 "About further improvement of matter of protection of monuments of culture in RSFSR".

In Mud baths the collective, in number of 45 people, including medical works and technicians.

In 2015 the city was visited by delegation from the People's Republic of China headed by the first deputy mayor of National City government Heiheyao Long has visited the city of Yessentuki for exchange of experience and has examined with, procedures application of mineral water and dirt, and also SKK "Russia" medical and improving base.

On December 21, 2015 in the building of the City administration Yessentuki the Scientific and practical conference "Tourist and Recreational Potential as Basis for Development of Small Business", with assistance of Fund of support of business has taken place in Stavropol Krai and Russian economic university of a name G.V. Plekhanova (branch in Pyatigorsk).

The purpose of carrying out conference - support of activity of the small and medium-sized enterprises occupied in the tourist and recreational sphere, increase of level of information exchange between businessmen, an assessment of efficiency of instruments of support and creation of the favorable environment for successful activity of subjects of small and medium business.

Experts have discussed possibilities of improvement of the market of services. Have come to a conclusion that for this purpose it is necessary to increase the professional level of small business, qualification of heads and shots, to stimulate enterprise activity.

Attendees have noted several directions of entrance tourism which it is possible and it is necessary to develop: medical and improving, mountain, bicycle, horse, cultural and informative, ecological and business tourism. It is possible to give good start to such directions as fishing, hunting, family and informative campaigns and trips, event tourism.

One of bright representatives of health resort of the city of Yessentuki, along with sanatorium establishments, are the Yessentuki mud baths.

The mud baths settle down in one of the most known and beautiful buildings of the resort of Yessentuki. The building is executed by the architect Evgeny Schröter in style of ancient Roman baths - a term.

Despite prescription of construction the Mud baths have kept in full all the functionality it is also equipped with the modern equipment.

Now the Mud baths are a medical complex with smoothly running work of the difficult technical equipment, infrastructure, transfer devices and constructions, the auxiliary divisions intended for ensuring technological process on holiday the balneogryazevykh of procedures. The two-storeyed building of Mud baths with the technical cellar consists of 4 houses. Total of procedural places - 220, total of cabins - 62. Design capacity - 2500 procedures a day.

From the date of opening and till today, in this amazing building, more than two tens types of procedures are released:

- mud applications on all parts of a body;

- electromud procedures;

- circular and ascending souls;

- pearl and coniferous and pearl bathtubs;

- vortex bathtubs for hands and legs;

- underwater shower massage.

The main medical method — applications by therapeutic mud of the Tambukan lake. In nearly hundred years of existence of mud baths of procedure haven't changed. 12 types of therapeutic mud are used; at the same time treatment can be passed to 220 people.

The hotel complex Yessentuki is presented in the form of 31 means of placement (hotels, motels and hotels) on 956 places. In 2015 in hotels of the city of Yessentuki more than 33 housand persons were placed.

Industry and business
The essential contribution is made by small business in a city economy of Yessentuki, in formation of the competitive environment, creates new workplaces, promotes decrease in unemployment rate and social tension.

As of 1/1/2016 in the territory of the city of Yessentuki 5387 enterprises and establishments of various form of ownership (1995 legal entities and 3392 individual entrepreneurs) are registered. Rather similar period of last year growth of number of subjects of MSP on 97 units or 102% is noted to the level of 2014.

Important indicator of development of sector of small business is the indicator of "density" of subjects of small and average business on 10 thousand people of the population, for 01.01.2016 value of an indicator has made 484 units.

The structure of small and medium-sized enterprises for types of economic activity demonstrates that the main quantity is concentrated in wholesale (12,7%) and retail trade (63,1%), production of foodstuff (2,6%), construction (8,4%), other (14,9%).

This sector creates new workplaces and serves bulk of consumers, making a complex of goods and services according to the changing requirements of the market.

One of priority problems of a city administration is a development small and average business. Creating favorable conditions for a sustainable development of small and medium business, allows to provide additional employment of the population, increase in production and to increase quality of life.

Subjects of small and average business participate in the electronic auction, competitions for the purpose of access to obtaining purchase orders of goods, works, services in the order established by the Federal law. In pursuance of Art. 30 of the Federal law "About contract system in the sphere of purchases, goods, works of services for ensuring the state and municipal needs" of April 05, 2013 No. 44-FZ for subjects of small and average business 111 procedures are carried out for the sum of 77645,0 thousand rubles, including 82 electronic auctions, 28 requests for quotation, 1 open competition. By results of the carried-out procedures with suppliers (contractors, performers) by the being small business entities have concluded 106 contracts for the sum of 71692,8 thousand rubles.

One of the main directions of support of small and average business is preparation of qualified personnel for this sphere, increase of educational level and legal culture of its participants, improvement of skills of management.

In the city the centers of training where get professional education on specialties of system of consumer services of the population on base work LLC Sozvezdiye and the Consulting company "Bukhgalter-prof" which besides rendering accounting and legal services to subjects of small and average business carries out training in primary skills of work at the COMPUTER

(1-C accounts department and to accounting). NOU "Rial-Intellekt training center carries out educational activity in the field of vocational training, retraining and additional professional education. Training is provided by professions and specialties, best-selling in labor market for the purpose of training for work in the conditions of market economy, support of small business and development of health resort of the region of Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region.

Close cooperation of the City administration continues and BUT "Association of employers of the city of Yessentuki", meetings of a round table on which are quarterly held questions on different subject are considered: problems, competitions and prospects of development of small and average business.

Carries out the work and Coordination Council on development of small and average business which problems are involvement of subjects small and average business of the city to development and realization of policy in the field of development of small and average business, promotion and support of initiatives of enterprise structures.

With information assistance of the City administration businessmen actively use various forms of the support provided to subjects of small and average business.

For development of infrastructure facilities of support of small and medium business in Management of economic development and trade of a city administration Yessentuki the advice center on rendering consulting services functions and phone of "The hot line". As of 01.01.2016 it is registered 62 addresses concerning state support, the taxation, crediting and to other interesting questions of subjects of small and average business.

The main enterprises of processing industry of the city of Yessentuki are: JSC Essentuki-hleb; Ltd company "Yessentuki plant of mineral waters to Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region", LLC Russky dom, LLC Universalny plant of pouring of the Akwa-Vayt mineral water, LLC Yessentuki Beer Factory, LLC KVS, LLC VKZ Russky, LLC ATVA, LLC Malysh, LLC Unipak.

According to results of 2015, industrial production around the city Yessentuki has made 2118,4 million rubles, has decreased in comparison with 2014 by 3,6%. Reduction has affected production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water for 26,1%. The economy of a resource and growth of tariffs, lack of need of use of the centralized supply of hot water, installation in new apartment houses of double-circuit coppers for heating of the room and heating of cold water have entailed for decrease on this indicator.

By large and medium-sized enterprises of the city of Yessentuki for 2015 it is made the most important types of an industrial output:

The name of the made production



Flour wheat and wheat and rye, (ton)



Products bakery incontinuous storage, (ton)



Products flour candy stores, cakes and cakes of incontinuous storage (ton)



Cognac, (one thousand decalitres)



Mineral waters, (one thousand halfliters)



Products are packing polymeric other, (one thousand pieces)



Increase in production of packing products on 4,5 million pieces is noted for 2015 Unipak company. Use of modern equipment by the company and technologies of molding under pressure are a guarantor of modern decisions in the field of packing which is used in the food industry thanks to high standards of sanitary safety, and also use of high-quality raw materials and dyes.

Production of mineral water on all sites makes 280-320 m3/days. The basis of resort base is made by resources of carbonic mineral waters Yessentuki No. 4, Yessentuki No. 17 and the Yessentuki new. The bottle medicinal mineral waters of the city of Yessentuki possessing unique properties and purity it is delivered practically to all regions of the Russian Federation (leaders of this consumer segment the Moscow region, Stavropol Krai, the Rostov and Volgograd regions are).

However demand for pouring of the mineral waters "Yessentuki-17", "Yessentuki-4" (The Yessentuki field) can be provided completely only on condition of a uniform daily allowance and annual distribution of operational loading on water folding constructions, observance of the mode of sanitary protection of fields.

For 2015 the industrial enterprises of the city of Yessentuki have provided pouring of 74254,60 thousand liters of mineral and drinking water that is 0,24% less, than for the similar period of 2014. LLC Russky dom, LLC Universalny the plant of pouring of the Akwa-Vayt mineral water and LLC Yessentuki Beer Factory have increased pouring of mineral water. Reduction of pouring of mineral water of LLC Essentukskim zavodom mineralnykh vod na KMV is connected with his reorganization.

LLC Universalny plant of pouring of the Akwa-Vayt mineral water and LLC Yessentuki Beer Factory along with internal is carried out also by external trade operations with Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Republic of Belarus, Greece and Israel.

For the purpose of ensuring safe and rational use of mineral resources and protection of a subsoil in the territory of the city of Yessentuki in Russia health resort there has taken place the scientific and practical conference "Industrial Safety at Subsurface Use and Protection of a Subsoil", the Union of surveyors of Russia, center of additional education "Mountain education" have acted as organizers and information and analytical Mining portal.

Within the held conference attendees have exchanged experience on application of advanced technologies of ensuring industrial safety, production mountain, geological, surveying and geodetic and land management works, the latest devices, equipment and software.
Trade and services sector

Number of employees of branch (people)


In total trade enterprises:



Food, all


from them:

Supermarkets (a floor space from 600 sq.m)


Nonfood, all


from them:

In total enterprises of wholesale trade:


from them:

realization of provisions


Retail markets, in total


specialization of the market – universal

including, trade places in the retail market of the city


In total enterprises of small retail trade:





non-stationary seasonal objects of trade


In total catering establishments:


in them seats


including in dining rooms at schools


at higher education institutions and Susa


at the enterprises and in the organizations


In total enterprises of a services sector


from them:


including class VIP

The important role in development of small and average business belongs to the consumer market.

The consumer market, being a large component of a city economy, it is urged to provide conditions for full and timely satisfaction of demand of the population for consumer goods and services, to ensure quality and safety their granting.

The infrastructure of the consumer market of the city of Yessentuki includes more than 1600 stationary objects of trade, public catering and consumer services, in branch about 9 thousand people work that makes 1/5 part of economically active population of the city.

As of 1/15/2016 in the city of Yessentuki 689 objects of stationary retail trade, 216 objects of non-stationary trade carry out the activity. The network of catering establishments is presented by 210 enterprises on 9194 seats. Generally it is restaurants, bars, cafe and snackbars.

In 12 months 2015 in the city of Yessentuki 46 new objects of trade are opened and 23 catering establishments on 806 seats, a gain of floor spaces I have made 2,5 thousand sq.m. As of 1/1/2016 years the actual security with floor spaces has around the city made only 683 sq.m on 1 thousand people, including security with floor spaces selling foodstuff – 250 sq.m, selling nonfood group of goods – 433 sq.m at the approved standard of the minimum security of 582 sq.m, including on realization of foodstuff - 210 sq.m, on realization of nonfoods - 372,0 sq.m. On catering establishments - growth of the actual security with seats by 1 thousand people - 88 against 82 in 2014.

Retail trade turnover for 2015 on the large and average organizations has increased in the city for 0,6 percent in comparison with the similar period of last year and has made 2212,7 million rubles.

Turnover of public catering of the large and average organizations in 2015 I have made 10,7 million rubles or 124 percent by the similar period 2014.

In the territory of the city of Yessentuki 8 large organizations for production of foodstuff carry out the activity, from them 4 - are engaged in pouring of mineral waters. For expansion of a sales market of the foodstuff made in the territory of the city and the region, the City administration takes measures for creation and to expansion of a company distribution network of the enterprises - producers of goods.

In the city company trade is presented by trade enterprises LLC Hlebtorg - 11 shops, LLC Alcoholic Beverage Plant Russky - 3 shop, LLC Vina Praskovei-1 - one shop, Vina Praskovei snackbar of LLC Vina Praskovei-1 on 36 seats. Production of JSC Yessentuki Beer Factory is on sale in 5 company shops.

In distribution networks of "Gastronomchik" of LLC Myasopttorg, LLC Vershina of firm "OPT-TORG", "Magnit" of PF CJSC Tander, Pyaterochka shops LLC Perekrestok, large trade enterprises of the city of Yessentuki favorable conditions for the maximum saturation of trade counters are created by production of the Stavropol producers where for her placement in trading floors priority places are allocated. The share of production of the enterprises of food and processing industry of the Stavropol producers in trade enterprises of the city makes more than 50 percent.

The administration carries out work on implementation of the information and marketing project "Buy Stavropol!". In the territory of the resort town of Yessentuki, the retail market LLC Central Market banners, light a box, posters with an action logo are placed. For the shopping facilities which are carrying out sale of fruit and vegetable and melon cultures in the territory of the city of Yessentuki it is made also 18 banners are widespread.

JSC Essentuki-hleb within the Buy Stavropol! project regularly carried out tastings of bread, bakery and confectionery.

In the territory of the city of Yessentuki 30 federal function and regional retail network companies, the largest of them selling foodstuff - a federal distribution network of Magnit shops of CJSC Tander, Pyaterochka shops of LLC Perekrestok a regional network of the Top supermarkets of LLC Opttorg, the Gastronomchik retail network LLC Myasopttorg, shops of the FIXprice trademark.

The consumer market on realization of industrial group of goods is presented by distribution networks "Search", "El Dorado", "M-video", "Mask", "O’Stin", "Sinta", "L*etual", "Sevil", "Tervolina", "Tsentrobuv", "Sanga Style", a network of the enterprises of "Economy class", etc.

In March the new discounter a supermarket family "Magnet" is open of this year CJSC Tander a floor space of 1138 sq.m in which the prices are much lower, than in other shops of retail trade of the city.

In the territory of the city of Yessentuki one retail market functions LLC Central Market located on Bazarny Lane, 2. Total of trade places in the universal market LLC Central Market - 135, from which 20 places are allocated for implementation of activities for sale of agricultural production by the citizens conducting country (farmer) farms, personal subsidiary farms or who are engaged in gardening, truck farming, animal husbandry.

In the city of Yessentuki household services to the population are rendered by more than 330 organizations of various forms of ownership, with a number of the working 1200 people.

In the resort 30 types of household services are provided to residents and vacationers. In infrastructure of consumer services of the population the greatest development still it is the share of the services connected with repair and maintenance of automotor-vehicles, the household machinery and appliances, the radio-electronic equipment, salons hairdressing salons, repair of footwear.

Growth of the enterprises rendering household services to the population in the city in 2015 by 2014 has made 7%.

The important role in a solution of the problem of training for trade enterprises, public catering and consumer services of the population is played school studio on hairdresser's art "Constellation" and non-state educational enterprise of primary professional education Training center "RIAL-INTELLIGENCE". In 2015 in "Constellation" have received an elementary vocational education (hairdressers) of 40 people. "RIAL-INTELLIGENCE" carries out educational activity in the field of vocational training, retraining and additional professional education. Here annually more than 150 people (cooks, waiters, sellers) are trained.

The investment policy is directed to informing and involvement of potential investors for construction new and reconstruction of the available sanatorium establishments, and also infrastructure facilities in tourist and the accompanying branches of economy.

All planned construction in the territory of the city, is carried out according to documents of town-planning planning, the Master plan of the city of Yessentuki and Rules of land use and building of the city of Yessentuki.

The concept of the Master plan of the resort town excludes placement of the industrial enterprises, in the territory of the city which aren't connected with service of the resort. Therefore the main tendencies of new construction in the territory of the city of Yessentuki this housing construction and construction of the serving branch in health resort.

For creating favorable conditions for attraction of investments into a city economy, improvement of business and investment and attractive image of the city including in the sphere of sanatorium activity actions of the subprogramme "Formation of positive image and promotion of the city of Yessentuki, creation of favorable investment climate, development of exhibition and fair activity" of the municipal program "Development of Economy, Small and Medium Business, the Resort and Tourism, the Consumer Market and Improvement of Investment Climate of the City of Yessentuki for 2015-2018" are realized (in edition of the resolution of the City administration Yessentuki of October 26, 2015 No. 2505).

Basis of economic development of municipal economy is increase in volumes and increase of efficiency of investment streams. Investments into fixed capital at the expense of all sources of financing for January-September, 2015 have made 305,60 million rubles (growth of an index of physical volume by 1,6 times by the similar period 2014).

For 2015 investments into fixed capital at the expense of all sources of financing are predicted at the level of 1952 million rubles. The main sources of investments are own means of the enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.Особенно важно привлечение внебюджетных инвестиций. В отраслевой структуре инвестиций в основной капитал наибольший их объем приходится на строительство и реконструкцию жилья, санаториев, гостиниц и торговый сектор.

In the territory of the city of 17 construction organizations.

For 2015 it is put into operation of 124 houses, with a total area of 49,6 thousand sq.m. For January-November the total useful area, housing built by all ways of construction has made – 67,7 thousand sq.m, including contract construction – 45,4 thousand sq.m, individual construction of 17,3 thousand sq.m, total of the apartments put in operation – 702 pieces.

Development of the Investment standard became one of tools of a solution of the problem of attraction of investments (on November 29, 2014 the resolution of administration No. 2900 has approved the Standard of activities of local governments for ensuring favorable investment climate in municipality of the resort town of Yessentuki (further – the Standard) and a road map of introduction of the Standard of activities of local governments for ensuring favorable investment climate in municipality of the resort town of Yessentuki of Stavropol Krai).

Structural divisions of a city administration Yessentuki are given authority on attraction of investments and work with investors:

- Management of economic development and trade of a city administration;

- Management of architecture and town planning of a city administration;

- Committee on municipal city property.

For the purpose of attracting investors the investment passport of the city of Yessentuki with the catalog of the investment projects which are in a stage of realization and a preinvestment phase is developed and approved (the resolution of the City administration Yessentuki on August 10, 2015 No. 2065).

The investment passport contains:

- general information about municipality;

- main indicators of social and economic development of municipality;

- the competitive advantages confirming economic feasibility of investment into creation of the new enterprises in the territory of municipality;

- information on the key realized investment projects in the territory of municipality.

- list and description of the free land plots for implementation of investment activity;

- contact information on local governments, and also other organizations participating in investment process;

- the regulations regulating investment activity in municipality.

- information on the available forms of municipal support of investment activity;

The investment passport is posted on the official site of the City administration Yessentuki on the Internet.

Investment strategy is developed and approved as the resolution of the City administration Yessentuki of 28.08.2015 No. 2127 "About the adoption of investment strategy of municipality the city district the resort town of Yessentuki till 2020" (further – investment strategy).

Investment strategy contains information on general provisions, the purposes, tasks, the characteristic of the main indicators of investment activity of municipality, the analysis of investment potential of municipality, the strategic directions of investment development, a condition and mechanisms of realization of investment policy terms and stages of realization.

The decision of Council of the city of Yessentuki of November 25, 2015 No. 36 has approved the Provision on investment activity in the territory of municipality the city district the resort town of Yessentuki (further – situation).

Situation has provided the municipal support to all subjects of investment activity which is carried out in shape:

1) non-financial measures of support of investment activity:

a) support (direction) of petitions and appeals to public authorities for rendering assistance to investors at implementation of the investment project, including receiving tax benefits and other types of the state support in cases, an order and on the conditions established by regulations of the Russian Federation, Stavropol Krai;

b) distribution of information on the subject of investment activity;

2) consulting and information support of investment activity:

a) ensuring access of subjects of investment activity to information necessary for development and increase of business activity, and also competitiveness;

b) assistance in increase of legal culture of investment activity and in search of business partners in the territory of municipality;

c) formation of the information database about a state and development of investment activity in the territory of municipality;

d) formation of investment image of municipality;

e) identification of problems of development of investment activity in the context of social and economic development of municipality.

3) providing to subjects investment activity not contradicting the legislation of the Russian Federation, Stavropol Krai, municipal legal acts of municipality of preferential terms of use of the earth which is in property of municipality;

4) involvement in investment process of temporarily suspended free objects which are in property of municipality;

5) others, provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation and Stavropol Krai, municipal legal acts of municipality of forms of support of investment activity.

On the homepage of the website there is an icon "Investment opportunities" which simplifies access to information reflecting this subject.

It is placed information on responsible persons of local governments on interaction with investors (a full name, a position, phones);

The reference to the channel of direct link of executive authorities of Stavropol Krai placed on the Internet portal about investment activity in Stavropol Krai is had;


1. Channel of direct link of investors with the leaders of edge

2. "The hot line" for the address of investors to heads of local governments: use a feedback form, having specified "A type of inquiry": "Interaction with investors".

Construction and architecture

Construction organizations of all of property


It is executed installation and construction works (million rubles)


It is put into operation fixed assets (million rubles)


including on objects:

1. Production appointment


2. Social appointment


3. Shops, bargaining. centers


4. Hotels


5. Gas stations (CNG filling station)


6. Cafe


7. Office buildings


8. Drugstore


9. Housing


It is put into operation by all ways of construction:

1. Houses


2. Apartments


3. Total useful area of housing (one thousand sq.m)


It is constructed by individual builders:

1. 1. Houses


2. Apartments


3. Total useful area of housing


It is constructed in the contract way:

4. 1. Houses


5. Apartments


6. Total useful area of housing


Housing and communal services
Amount of completed work and the provided services,

including for the population


Amount of completed work and rendering of services

(thousand rubles)


including for the population



Maintenance and repair of housing stock



Water supply and water disposal



Heat supply



Power supply



Household waste







It is added shown) utility payments to the population (thousand rubles)

Actual collecting utility payments

(thousand rubles)

% of solvency of the population on payment of utilities

2015 y.

2015 y.

2015 y.

Maintenance and repair of housing stock




Water supply and water disposal




Heat supply




Power supply




Household waste








The performed works on capital repairs

"UZhKH" in 2015

Name of action

Amount of completed work for 2015 (thousand rubles)

Repair of intra house engineering systems


Repair and replacement of the lift equipment


Repair of a roof


Repair of a facade


In total


City roads and improvement
Road economy

Avenues, streets, drives, lanes, highway, deadlocks (km)


Total length of city roads (km)


It is expensive (km): with an advanced covering


with crushed stone and a gravel covering


with a soil covering


Streets and drives (km): with a hard coating


including advanced


Provided with drains (km)


Total area of streets, drives (one thousand km ²)


including carriageway


pedestrian part


Total length of sidewalks (km)


from them with a hard coating


Number of bridges and overpasses (km)


including pedestrian


Number of tunnels (pedestrian) (km)


Total length of coast of the rivers, reservoirs in city boundaries (km)


Collecting and export of household waste

The area of territories cleaned in the mechanized way (t. m ²)


Sink of trays (m / п)


Fur. sweeping of trays (m / п)


Volume of taken out:


household garbage (one thousand m ³.)


daily average export (one thousand m ³.)


Number of units of specialized autotractor transport:


including the cities occupied on sanitary cleaning


Improvement and gardening

Number of fountains


Area of flower beds (t. m ²)


From them carpet orchestra seats


Area of the park of "Victory" (t. m ²)


Area of Medical park (t. m ²)


Extent of the lit parts and drives (km)


Quantity of light points


including lamps of street lighting


Quantity of playgrounds


City lake (t. m ³)


Area of parks and squares

The square on Pervomayskaya St.


The square at Square "Renaissance"


The square "Green grove" in a flood plain of the river Podkumok


Transport and communication

Number working at motor transport (people)


including passenger


All motor transport (unit)


including municipal




City bus routes


City buses


Automobile taxi


Number of the passenger autoenterprises


Daily average number of flights


Number of the transported passengers for a year (people)


Suburban bus passenger traffic:


Quantity of routes


Daily average number of flights


Number of the transported passengers for a year (people)


Number of automobile petrol filling stations


Number of automobile gas-filling stations


including the liquefied gas (AGZS)


the compressed gas (CNG filling station)



Broadcasting points (main), piece.


Cable network of general use (connection points)


Teletype (subscribers)




from them universal




Total capacity of stations of a city telephone network (the involved numbers)


including automatic telephone exchange – 46


the concentrator of automatic telephone exchange – 46 st. of Balakhonov, 27a


the concentrator of automatic telephone exchange – 46 st. October, 444


the concentrator of automatic telephone exchange – 46 st. of Markov, 65


the concentrator of automatic telephone exchange – 46 st. of Lermontov, 52






the concentrator of automatic telephone exchange – 4 Ozernaya St., 6




the concentrator of automatic telephone exchange – 7 st. Lake, 6


Postal Communication

Amount of objects of a mail service in the city


Post exchange in a section of the provided services, unit:

state signs of post payment


written correspondence




money transfers


payment of pension


it is delivered periodic printing editions


Providing new services, all



acceptance of payments from the population


realization of printed materials and consumer goods




reception of departures of the accelerated EMS mail


delivery of the advertizing material


implementation of lottery tickets


delivery of accounts


delivery of goods posyltorgovykh of the organizations


reception of notices in migratory service


other services


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