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9.2.Update A Request

  1. Enter the required Request reference number into the ‘Reference Number Field’ and press the Enter key.

  1. When modifying a request, the button becomes enabled. For example when modifying the Request description, priority or status or adding further notes.

  1. Additional information/comments are added to a Marval Task via the Work Order Notes.

These should include the date and name of the person adding the comment.

To add additional comments click on the Notepad icon to display the Add Notes screen. From the Notes menu select the Work Order type. You should notice that any note types that have comments recorded against them display above the divider line.

Key in the information you wish to add and save these details by either File Menu | Exit (save) or pressing the Esc key.

This then displays as below on the Main Request Screen.

NOTE: The first time you enter Work Order notes the Update button will not be enabled. After this, the Update button will be enabled any time you enter Work Order notes for that request.
Additional notes should display in chronological order.

  1. When the required changes have been made, press the button to submit the modifications.

9.3.Scheduling a Request

The Schedule Request screen, accessed from the icon, may be used to add scheduling details to a request.

The schedule details are entered in the Scheduled Details group box.

Requested Completion
The customer’s requested completion date. If the customer indicates they wish a task to be undertaken at a particular time then you would enter that date in this field.
Scheduled Start Date
The date the request must be started by. If the request is an Incident this defaults to the date the incident occurred. If the request is a Task then this date can be set to the date the request will be worked on. If this date passes and it has not been changed then it cannot be changed.
Scheduled Completion Date
The date the request must be finished by.
Estimated Arrival Time
The time the support officer will visit the customer.
Workload Estimate
The time expected to apply the fix for this request.

9.4.Reclassifying a Request

If you receive a request that you believe has been incorrectly classified you should update the classification to correctly reflect the identified issue.

9.5.Managing Scheduled Requests

The Scheduled Start Date and the Scheduled Completion Date have corresponding columns in the power table returned from the Worklist button.

These columns can be sorted so that you can manage requests by scheduled date.

9.6.Display Your Assigned Service Requests

This displays Service Requests assigned to yourself or the Primary or Secondary group/s to which you belong.

  1. Press the button. This displays the Assignee Work List screen.

  1. If you wish to view an individual record, double click on the required Request. This displays the Main Request Screen.

  2. The button remains active if more Requests are available.

  3. Press the button to exit display.

9.7.Display All Outstanding Requests

The results from this search are subject to your assigned privileges and which group/s you belong to.

  1. Press button (Alt L).

  2. Press the button (Alt S).

  1. To select a Request, double click on the required item.

  2. If the button is active, additional Requests are available for selection.

9.8.Reassigning a Request

If you wish to change the assignee, this is done via the Assignee pick list. Requests should NOT be reassigned from the "New" status, only from the "WIP" status.

If you wish to assign a request to a particular user it can be done in one of the following ways:

  • If you know the user is a primary member of a group, select that group and the user displays on the right hand box;

  • If you know the user belongs to a group, select that group and drill down to secondary members. The users display on the right hand box;

  • You can also key in part of the assignees name in the field and those users who match are displayed on the right hand side of the drop down.

When reassigning a request ensure that the Status is not currently set to REASSIGNED. You must change the status to WIP prior to reassigning a request to ensure that an automated email notification is sent to the new assignee.

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