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DVD script: Nilufar

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DVD script:

Nilufar: Hi Abror. What are you doing now? Would you like to go to the city museum with me?
Abror: Sounds good … Let’s go to the museum … oh what about going to an art gallery? I know you are a fan of art, right? There is an art gallery on the second floor.
Nilufar: Yes … great. I love modern art and my favourite artist is worldfamous
Claude Monet ... But I like young and not famous artists too.
They are sometimes very unusual and beautiful. Do you like traditional or modern art?
Abror: Oh … It doesn’t matter. I like beautiful pictures … and traditional genre painting is my favourite. I like to think about people in the picture, about their life and what the artist wanted to tell us.
Nilufar: You look like a real fan of art, don’t you?
Abror: Yea … When I go to other places I always visit a museum or an art gallery there. My dream is to look at original ‘Mona Lisa’ by Leonardo da Vinci.
Nilufar: I hope your dream will come true. I have a dream too. I’d like to visit the Museum of Modern Art or MoMA in New York. It was founded in 1929 and then it only had eight pictures. Now there are more than 200 000 works from paintings, sculptures, and drawings to photographs, films, and even performance art pieces.
Abror: Wow… interesting … I’d like to visit the British Museum in London. It was founded in 1753. It’s a museum of human history and culture from the ancient times to the present. There are more than 7 million objects from all continents.
Nilufar: Sounds great. I think we’ll be able to visit these museums one day. Our city museum isn’t a world-famous one but there are a lot of interesting
things to look at.
Abror: Right … Let’s go.

Activity 4b Listen one more time and write about the museums. 4 min
Objective: to develop listening for specific information
Ask the pupils to work in pairs. They listen to the dialogue one more time and complete the third column of the table.

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