Which were signed on December 10. 2012

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The course paper is dedicated to the study of the syntax and semantic structure peculiarities of Adjective phrases in the English language.To study the simple and extended sentences from the point of view of Syntax has always been one of the most important disputable and interesting problems of investigation in English grammar.
Today English is accounted and being learned as the second language in many countries.
Teaching English language is important for all countries which is developed and developing. As a developing country , there is being given much attention to learning English language in Uzbekistan. As the proof of it, we can say orders about “Teaching foreign Languages” and “On measures to Further Improve Foreign Language Learning systemwhich were signed on December 10.20121.
The course paper under review is dedicated to the analysis of the adjective phrases and their functions in the context in English the novel “American tragedy” by Theodor Drieser (on the material) which presents a certain interest both for theoretical investigation of the structural models of the sentences with adjective phrases and for practical usage. We have full basis to approve that many linguistics have brought the invaluable contribution to studying various properties of the adjective phrases and their types more in detailed see M.Ya.Blokh, M.T.Iriskhulov, A.A.Khudyakov, B.Khaimovich and B.Rogovskaya, J.Lyons, R.Dixon, B.A.Ilyish, A.I.Smirnitskiy, H.Marchand, E.S.Kubryakova, Ch.Beedham, L.Brinton, A.Downing, R.Quirk, G.G.Pochepsov, Ch.Hockett’s works and etc, that has created necessary theoretical preconditions the analysis of the features of adjective phrases.
The actuality of the course paper is expressed on the one hand by the profound interest in learning the features of the adjective phrases which are widely used to perform linguistic richness of the English language, on the other hand by giving a detailed analysis of syntax and semantic feature of the adjective phrases and differences in their functioning.
The aim of this course paper is based on detailed study of the functional and semantic and contextual –syntactic features of the adjective phrases in English languages differences between structural patterns containing them, analysis of the adjective phrases with wide semantics.

Yüklə 55,57 Kb.

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