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Table 3. Heads and tails worksheet

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Table 3. Heads and tails worksheet

students’ conversations and in textbook dia- logues. A variety of classroom activities with discussion, authentic materials, and dia- logues can highlight the ubiquity and useful- ness of these features and encourage students to add fillers and backchannels to their own conversations.

Activity 1: Add fillers and backchannels to student dialogues

To raise students’ awareness of fillers and backchannels, the teacher first has students work with a partner to write a short dialogue or conversation. Next, the teacher intro- duces the concept of fillers and backchannels, explains their function, and then asks students to categorize a group of words as either fillers or backchannels, as in Table 4.

After discussing the results, the teacher asks students to revise their original written conversation by adding in appropriate fillers and backchannels. Students then act out both conversations for the class, highlighting the difference between a more artificial dialogue versus a natural one containing fillers and backchannels. Alternatively, students can have

two conversations with a partner on a given topic: one using fillers and backchannels, and one without using fillers and backchannels. After the conversations are over, students dis- cuss how including fillers and backchannels in their conversations affected their conversation skills, their relationship with their partner, and their feelings while speaking.

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