Misha Williams

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A m a Z o n i a 
Misha Williams

The play AmaZonia opened at the Bridewell Theatre, London on 15th 
April 2004. 
This is the original script based on the newly uncovered " Secret 
The historically detailed thirty-page preface gives the basis for this 
factual play which throws a totally new light on the Fawcett Mystery

The play consists of real conversations, extraordinary events and dramatic 
confrontations that have taken place over the last eighty years concerning 
the mystery of Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett, the explorer lost in 
Amazonia in 1925. 
I was privileged to be handed a trunk of astonishing documents that have 
been hidden from the media throughout the subsequent years. Fawcett's 
daughter Joan and grand-daughter, Rolette, have entrusted me with telling 
the true facts behind this amazing saga. I hope I have not let them down. I 
shall refer to this wealth of newly released documents as the Secret 
Papers in order to distinguish what they contain from the generally 
misleading information about this story that has been available to the 
general public since 1925. 
Today, the worldwide fascination expressed on the Internet shows that 
Fawcett has become a cult figure. His objective in 1925, trumpeted in the 
world press, was to find in South America evidence of a lost civilization, 
probably the earliest on Earth and visit the remains of one of its cities that 
he called "Z", still possibly inhabited by the descendents of this ancient 
But, according to the Secret Papers, this was not the main objective at all. 
There were two extraordinary secret agendas. Because of the mystery of 
Fawcett's disappearance, myths have grown up round his name. A lot of 
nonsense has and is being written and, after eighty years of reporting this 
story, the media are still getting it wrong. So, here are the facts at last. 
Why were they ever hidden from the public and press in the first place? 
What does the world know about Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett?  Many 
have never heard of him. However, as the Internet testifies, there are 
thousands all over the world who not only know his name but are 
obsessed by the mystery of his life and death. In the last seventy-five 
years, for various strange reasons, Fawcett has been elevated to almost 
religious status. Today, in a part of rural Brazil, he is worshipped in 
religious rituals. In the cave of Ibez in the Roncador Mountains 
worshippers claim he reached an inhabited underground city where he  

now resides. UFOs have been seen coming and going from the mouth of 
the cave. In the Secret Papers, I have found evidence that Fawcett was 
never in this area in the first place and that in fact he travelled in the 
opposite direction.  
Theatre may seem an odd medium for an epic saga of exploration until 
you realise that Fawcett's real story has nothing to do with poisonous 
snakes, sweaty armpits and swinging machetes in mosquito jungle-hell. It 
is all about the mind, the emotions and an inner quest. Words can best tell 
this story and words are just the thing that get cut in film and TV where 
action, sex and violence and star names are essential to getting finance. 
Who could bear to see this utterly true and agonizingly poignant story 
exploited by the media money-men? One of the themes of the play makes 
just that very point.    
Who was he? 
Fawcett was born on 31st August 1867. He was the son of a Regency 
rake-style father who was a pal of the Prince of Wales and who died of 
drink at forty-five. Fawcett's mother was of highborn Scottish ancestry, 
artistically creative and in tune with Celtic mysticism but, according to an 
unpublished family biography, "not disposed to remain faithful to her 
unfaithful husband" Fawcett, (who never liked his names and preferred to 
be known as "P.H.F"), was an outsider within his own family. He rejected 
his parents "racy" life style and became (according to his niece Margarita 
Stapleton) a serious, academic loner. His frothy elder brother Douglas 
and his three sisters were on quite another wavelength. But as young 
children, Evie, one of the sisters, went exploring through the Devon 
wilderness with him and they found a "treasure" of Roman ceramics, 
including what Evie described as 'hoofed gods'. 
From the start, Fawcett was snubbed and maltreated by his parents. They 
thrust him into the Army, (the Artillery); only because his mother "adored 
the lovely uniform". Fawcett hated the Army and it looked as if life in 
various British outposts of the Empire would destroy him. But no, his 
posting to Fort Frederick, Trincomalee in Ceylon (now Sri-Lanka) set  
his whole future on a unique and devastating course. 
While Fawcett's brother officers drank and gambled and had sex with the 
natives, he would religiously wander off into the interior to seek out  

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