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Harold Large's letter to Nina on 29th August 1926 tells her to expect 
delays: " Remember that the Work is guided by a group of Adepts so you 
may get startled at times over delays and the hugeness of The Work, 
where we little individuals are only pawns and moved about one point at 
a time, the knights and bishops are mighty intelligences; for a great 
civilization is to grow out of The Great Scheme."   
Nina's letter of 1st November 1926 to Major Mein, one of the eager 
volunteers for the project, reveals "I think that before long we may call 
upon you - my husband and I - to help us in developing the new-found  
country, then, all the best types of men available will be wanted!" She 
goes on to say the moment that she receives the call she will 
communicate with him and with everyone else involved "to get to work". 
And finally finishes with "I hope before very long you may meet in 
person "The Fawcett Family." 
And Mein also writes to Harold Large on the 21st November 1926, " Mrs 
Fawcett has been in touch and speaks of future development of the 
newly-found country, and promises to call on me to assist in the work as 
soon as they are ready to operate. Everything points to my going to Brazil 
and the prospect makes me glad as it must prove valuable work 
undertaken in the company of noble-minded people." 
On 4th December 1926 Large writes to Nina : "There may be more than 
one party ready to organize…we can all strain at the leash , but the Great 
Scheme is huge , and the whole of civilization is wrapped up in the work 
that lies behind your husband, Jack and Raleigh. They will get the help  
they need. Delay is hope deferred and shows that the Divine Planners 
have all details in hand." 
Fawcett's article in The Occult Review of November 1923, entitled 
"Links with the Planetary Control" had already declared publicly his 
strong belief in "The Watchers" or "Great White Brotherhood"; 
"Our world's evolution does not proceed in any sense upon haphazard 
lines…. No untrained individual could retain consciousness in the 
presence of one of these very advanced 'Adepts'…. They are located in 
lands which once belonged to great civilizations." It is clear that Fawcett 
wanted to create his colony near to one of these mystic centres and 
thereby gain maximum spiritual wisdom from these beings.     

To Large, Fawcett had confided: " I go out quite ready to sacrifice my life 
if needs be. I have no desire for honours or for the means for personal 
indulgence. My ideas lie in pioneering and construction with perfectly 
unselfish motives. Meanwhile I lead a clean, pure and honest life." 
Jack was a vital part of the Great Scheme. His birth in Ceylon in 1903     
was considered miraculous by Fawcett who describes it in an article he 
wrote for the Occult Review in February 1913. 
"One morning at breakfast on the verandah a deputation of soothsayers 
and Buddhists asked for an audience…I was told I was about to become 
the father of a son whose appearance was minutely described, the  
reincarnation of an advanced spirit, and my wife and I had been 
especially selected…..the child would have a mole on the instep of the 
right foot, and his toes in place of a sliding scale in size would run in  
pairs. He would be born on Buddha's anniversary, 19th May. This date 
was a month beyond the time anticipated. A remarkable feature about the 
boy, not shared by his brother or sister, is a slight obliquity of his eyes." 
All the above turned out as predicted and also, on returning to 
Trincomalee from the military hospital at Colombo, crowds lined the 
route venerating the newborn evolved being.  
Throughout his life Jack was proud of this event and on October 2nd 
1924, just before the fatal expedition he wrote to Harold Large: 
"We now have Raleigh Rimell on board who is every bit as keen as I am. 
He is the only intimate friend I have ever had. I knew him before I was 
seven years old and we have been more or less together ever since. He is 
absolutely honest and decent in every sense of the word and we know 
each other inside out. He must be connected with this journey anyway as 
how else would he be able to come to Ceylon with me, and he does that 
in a few years. I begin to look upon Ceylon as almost my own private 
property now, and feel quite annoyed to think that there are strangers 
laying down the laws there." 
A chilling fact that emerges from the Secret Papers is that not only was 
Jack to be handed over to the Earth Guardians as an initiate but also to be 
transformed mentally. His physical body was to be "taken over" by one of 
the ancient brothers who would then be able to live even longer within  

Jack's healthy young physical frame. Nina writes to Harold Large on 17th 
May 1928 "Strange to think that Jack, or the Being who now operates 
Jack's physical body is now the one in command as it were. I get no 
intimations regarding Raleigh Rimell at all - he seems to be a non-entity 
One can see that what is contained in the Secret Papers is startlingly 
different to that which Brian reveals to the public in Exploration Fawcett. 
Fawcett's actual route 
Let us establish this once and for all. Fawcett enthusiasts, not to mention 
the relatives of those lost while searching for Facet, will be surprised.  
The Secret Papers indicate without doubt that he never went towards the 
Xingu and the Kuluene but North-West from Cuiaba towards the Tapajos 
and its tributary the Juruena. 
His wife Nina and closest friend Harold Large had been told this because 
they had every intention of joining him when the earth guardians had  
been located so that the colony could be started and The Great Scheme 
got underway. Major Mein, a South African white farmer, as I mentioned,  
was one of those prepared to enrol in the Great Scheme. Brian and Joan 
would also be invited once a base was established. Nina and Harold 
Large knew the real route. This knowledge was essential for the eventual 
rendezvous. They mention the area North-West of Cuiaba again and 
again in the letters kept among the Secret Papers.  
When the signs started to look bad and no news came out, they began to 
contact those who might be able to help in a rescue mission. Large wrote 
to Admiral Byrd asking for Sea Plane searches setting off "from the 
Madeira River to fly over the Roosevelt and search the Tapajos and its 
tributary the Juruena". Large writes to a friend "It seems to me to be so 
useless, so many men trying to find Fawcett where he never intended to 
go." And to F.J.Roberts on 13th January 1935, "They would be far away 
from the Xingu making as they were for the River Tapajos direction and 
not East at all. The news published by North Atlantic Newspaper 
Alliance, Fawcett's sponsor's and repeated by The Royal Geographical 
Society was merely a blind for Fawcett told me he could not give his real  

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