Party A: nidea llc party B: Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd

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Abroad - Technical Guidance& Service Agreement

Abroad - Technical Guidance& Service Agreement


Party B: Huasheng Fujitec Elevator Co., LTD.

Based on the principles of equality, voluntariness, fairness and good faith, Party A and Party B through friendly negotiation, have reached the following agreement on the project:

Party B shall provide [■Installation ■Installation training] technical guidance and [■ Commissioning □ Factory inspection □ Factory reinspection] services for Party A's HS FUJITEC project located in Azerbaijan.

. Project overview

Project Name: 7 MKR project
Elevator No.: ZHZ1085-1087
Escalator No.: NONE
Specification Sheet: (Equipment name - Passenger elevator, Cargo elevator, Fire elevator, Escalator, Auto walk)


Equipment Name





Passenger elevator





Passenger elevator





Passenger elevator









. Duties of both parties during the performance of this Agreement

(1) Duties of Party A
• When Party B's personnel provide technical guidance& services abroad, Party A shall provide translation services.
• If the installation causes of Party A hinder the smooth commissioning work, Party A must promptly implement the rectification as required by Party B.
• Party A shall provide Party B with the necessary tools, and cooperate with Party B according to Party B working time.
• Party A must conscientiously implement the principles and policies on work safety and fire control issued by the country, region and the competent department of labor protection and production safety at the higher level, and strictly implement the laws, regulations and provisions on labor protection.
(2) Duties of Party B
• Party B shall provide face-to-face (in China) or remote installation& commissioning related technical training.
• During the installation& commissioning of the project, Party B shall provide remote technical support and guidance or dispatch personnel to overseas sites to provide necessary technical support and guidance according to the project characteristics and actual on-site requirements.
• Party B's working hours: From Monday to Friday, working 8 hours per day (less than 8 hours is counted as one day).
Note: When it coincides with local statutory holidays, the holidays shall be taken according to the regulations of local governments abroad.
• Party B shall be responsible for the personal safety of its personnel during the execution of the project.

. Costs

(1) Party A shall pay to Party B the service fee of [■Installation ■Installation training] technical guidance and [■ Commissioning □ Factory inspection □ Factory reinspection] totaling USD $3,600 (Say U.S.Dollars three thousand six hundred only).
Note: Factory reinspection means that the initial factory inspection is not qualified, and it is necessary to conduct factory inspection again after rectification.
(2) According to Party A's actual demand for technical guidance and services, Party B may provide remote or on-site methods.
• If Party A chooses the remote method, it shall not pay any fees other than the technical service fee in Article (1).
• If Party A chooses the on-site method, in addition to the technical service fee mentioned in Article (1), Party A shall also bear the travel expenses incurred by Party B's personnel to and from Azerbaijan, including but not limited to the transportation expenses, translation service fees, visa fee, room and board expenses, and so on.
(3) If Party A needs overtime service, Party B will charge Party A the corresponding fees according to the overtime service fee standard.
Daily overtime is $40/person/hour, rest day overtime $50/person/hour, holiday overtime $75/person/hour.
(4) Other possible additional expenses (such as quarantine caused by the epidemic) shall be agreed separately according to the actual situation.

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