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CONTEMPORARY CIRCUS               DANCE               
               PERFORMANCE               THEATRE               YOUTH
Magnus Lindgren
Magnus Lindgren, named by Quincy Jones as one of the most versatile and talented 
woodplayers of this time, present his upcoming album SOULS, a mix of pop, jazz and 
soul music. Produced by Ira Coleman (Sting). All songs written and arranged by Magnus 
Lindgren. Special guests: Gregory Porter, Ivan Lins, Mark Reilly (Matt Bianco), Marie 
Fredriksson (Roxette), Rigmor Gustafsson, Anna Christofersson.
In 1993, Magnus played with Herbie Hancock at the Stockholm Jazz Festival. His first 
album, Way Out, earned him the “Jazz in Sweden Award” in 1999 and a nomination for a 
Swedish Grammy in 2000. 
In 2002 Magnus started a lasting collaboration with the famous Opera singer Barbara 
Hendricks. Magnus was chosen to compose music and perform as a soloist at the Nobel 
Prize Banquet in 2003, which was the first time a jazz artist was invited by the Nobel Prize 
Committee. He has also played the Montreaux Jazz Festival and composed for the Stockholm 
Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Quartet, and has recorded with Nils Landgren Funk Unit. 
More recently, Magnus has become attracted by the rhythm and joy of South American 
jazz, and before he knew it, Magnus was on his way to Brazil to record in 2009 a new 
album: Batucada Jazz. 
Mark van den Bergh

Photo: Lennart Stenberg.

Photo: Johan Gunzeus.

Malin Hellkvist Sellén
Malin Hellkvist Sellén is one of Sweden’s most intriguing choreographers, with 
pieces and projects for both adults and children on her resume. Often referring to 
her work as physical reflections on a specific theme or topic, she alternates between 
solo performances and larger group pieces. Her choreography is as clearly political 
and philosophical as sensuous, physical and emotional. Hellkvist Sellén examines 
choreography as a corporeal and linguistic practice. Pink promises is a solo for Marianne 
Kjaserund, deriving from examinations of certain modes of social dancing and body 
politics. In 2010 Hellkvist opened Within reasonable limits, a piece that emanated from 
an open public call for non-professional and professional dancers. In November 2012 she 
presented a new projectOngoing, with long-time collaborator Minna Elif Wendin.
All productions are available for touring on request.
Magnus Nordberg
               MUSIC               PERFORMANCE               THEATRE               YOUTH

Marika Hedemyr
/Crowd Company 
Marika Hedemyr is a Swedish choreographer of contemporary dance. She creates dance 
theatre for stages and public locations. She is the artistic director and choreographer of 
Crowd Company, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. 
Minutes 2.0 is the latest in Crowd Company’s series of pop-up pieces, a concept of 
short dance theatre pieces created for public locations. Minutes 2.0 is suited for offices, 
conferences and business related places. 12 minutes long and only requires 5x5 meters 
free flat floor space. Minutes 2.0 is humorous dance theater in a frantic pace depicts 
working life situations of collegial cooperation, competition, success, gender roles, crisis 
and celebration. 
Choreographer Marika Hedemyr examines in a humorous and sharp way the workplace. 
How do we relate to each other in familiar situations and when faced with something 
unexpected? Can we trust each other? How do we act as women and as men?
Marika Hedemyr 
               MUSIC               PERFORMANCE               THEATRE               YOUTH

Photo: Anna von Brömssen.

Photo: Imre Zsibrik.

Memory Wax
Memory Wax is a dance and theatre company with a strong visual expression and 
a naked theatrical movement language. Memory Wax was founded 2004 by Miguel 
Azcue and Johanna Jonasson and has its base in Malmö, Sweden. Through simplicity 
we experience and develop movement and ideas in a new perspective. Memory Wax’s 
repertoire contains performances for children, youth and adults. 
The piece Still Shivering twists and turns impertinent questions about our person. Still 
Shivering is an absurd observation in a maze of emotions. A spectrum of human emotions 
is reproduced and expressed through extreme or subtle changes in body and appearance. 
The individual’s various personalities will be exposed between mask and reality and 
our projections and prejudices will be challenged. When will the grotesque become 
beautiful? Is the sad ever laughable? What do we see and perceive in a man?
Christina Vainio
               MUSIC               PERFORMANCE               THEATRE               

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