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  Iridium GO! User Manual 4 To use GEOS service

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28  Iridium GO! User Manual


To use GEOS service:

1) You must first register at from your computer.  

NOTE:  To register, you will need your Iridium phone number and Iridium GO! IMEI (on the device label beneath the battery).

2)  After registration, access SOS Settings, select Use, and enter the 5-digit authorization code 

provided by GEOS, then Submit.

3)  If successful, your SOS settings will appear, and the SOS action is set to Call and Message, for the 

GEOS service.

4) You have the option to add additional message emergency contacts.

5) Once completed, store your SOS settings on the Iridium GO! device: 

    •   For iOS: select Save

    •   For Android: navigate Back, then Save

To decline GEOS service and configure designated emergency contacts:

1) Select Do Not Use to decline GEOS Service.

2)  Select SOS Action.  The Call action enables an automatic phone call to your designated call 

recipient when SOS is initiated from the Iridium GO! application. The Message action enables 

automatic Emergency SMS alerts scheduled at five minute intervals until canceled. 

3)  Enter the number for your Call Recipient.  It is important that the number is entered in the correct 

international format with the international access code (+ or 00), country code, and phone 

number for proper routing.

4)  Enter the Message Recipient(s). Recipient can be entered as either an email address or a mobile 

phone number in the correct international format.  


Iridium GO! User Manual  29


5)  Once completed, store your SOS settings on the Iridium GO! device: 

  •   For iOS: select Save

    •   For Android: navigate Back, then Save

Important for SOS use:

1) The Iridium GO! antenna must be raised and kept oriented towards the sky.

2)  SOS can be initiated either by pressing the SOS button on the Iridium GO! device or the SOS icon 

within the Iridium GO! application.

3) To place an Emergency Call, you must use the Iridium GO! application.

4)  The Iridium GO! device will remain in SOS mode until canceled by the user.  

  •   The SOS mode is not canceled when the Iridium GO! application is closed or the smartphone is 

turned off. 

    •   If the Iridium GO! device is turned off while in SOS mode, upon restart the Iridium GO! device 

will resume sending SOS messages.

    •   If the Iridium GO! antenna is lowered while in SOS mode, the device will prompt you to raise 

the antenna and send a notification message to the emergency recipient(s) that you are 

powering down the device.

30  Iridium GO! User Manual


Tracking – use and configuration

Iridium GO! can send location tracking messages in two ways:

1. Quick GPS – a one-time sending of location information to a predefined group of recipients.  

2. Interval Tracking – messages sent automatically according to the scheduled interval frequency.

Both tracking methods will send a message to your recipient(s) with a link to that will 

display your location on a map viewed on the recipient’s web browser.  

To configure and use tracking:


Quick GPS – to program a Quick GPS list, go to the Iridium GO! application Settings, select Track, 

and then add to the Quick GPS recipients list.   To send a Quick GPS, press Track on the Iridium 

GO! application home screen, wait for location information to appear (initial update can take up 

to two minutes), and then press Quick GPS to send. Once configured, Quick GPS can also be sent 

from the Iridium GO! device by selecting Tracking and “Send quick GPS” from the device menu.


Interval Tracking – to send your location on a regular update schedule, go to the Iridium GO! 

application Settings, select Track, set the Tracking Frequency, and add the Tracking Recipient. 

Once these settings are saved, regular tracking messages will be sent automatically even if the 

Iridium GO! application or smartphone is turned off.

NOTE:  Usage fees apply for Quick GPS and Interval Tracking; settings will apply until modified.


Iridium GO! User Manual  31



The voicemail feature will enable you to access a message inbox that is stored in the Iridium network.



Apple iOS 


The default Voicemail number +881662990000 is pre-programmed.

To set-up Voicemail, press the Voicemail icon, and follow the audio instructions:

•   When you have accessed the Iridium Messaging Center, enter your Iridium phone number 

followed by the star (*) key; then enter your password (default is the last seven (7) digits of your 

phone number).

•   Follow the audio prompts to set your new password, record your greeting and configure your 

account settings.

•   End the call by pressing the End button, and follow the same “Call Voicemail” steps to check 

voicemail notifications in the future.

Once configured, a red dot on the Voicemail icon will indicate if a new message is waiting.

32  Iridium GO! User Manual


Advanced settings

User accounts and user access 

Users accounts with Administrator privileges have the ability to modify Firewall and Wi-Fi settings 

as well as manage User access. Administrator users (by default “guest” user is an administrator) may 

modify these settings either through the Iridium GO! application by pressing the Advanced icon or 

through the Iridium GO! Advanced Features portal.  

Firewall settings

Iridium GO! has a built-in Firewall system which will allow you to filter outbound traffic for use with 

non-optimized applications. You may set this to allow or block all traffic as well as add filtering 


Wi-Fi settings

By default the Iridium GO! device Wi-Fi connection is set to “open” but can be modified to WPA2 by a 

user with administrator privileges through the Advanced icon.

User management

User management provides the administrator with the ability to create additional user accounts. 

These new accounts can then be modified by the administrator to limit access to different features 

within the Iridium GO! application: make calls, send or receive messages, send Quick GPS or post to 

Twitter.  By default the “guest” user account is set as an administrator. The “guest” login can be used 

concurrently by 5 different users resulting in 5 administrators logged in at the same time. If you wish 

to limit access to the administrative settings (Firewall, Wi-Fi, SOS and user management), you may 

modify the “guest” account to remove the “administrator” rights. 

NOTE:  Prior to modifying the “guest” account, please ensure that you have created a new account with administrator privileges.

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