Iridium Go Users Manual

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Iridium GO! User Manual  13


Hearing aids

Some digital wireless devices may interfere with some hearing 

aids. In the event of such interference, you may want to 

consult your hearing aid manufacturer to discuss alternatives.

Other medical devices 

If you use any other personal medical device, consult the 

manufacturer of your device to determine if it is adequately 

shielded from external RF energy. Consult your physician to 

determine compatibility with your medical device.

Do not use your device in health care facilities when any 

regulations posted in these areas instruct you not to do so. 

Hospitals or health care facilities may be using equipment that 

could be sensitive to external RF energy.


Airline regulations prohibit using Iridium GO! while in the air. 

Check and comply with the policy of your airline regarding the 

use of your device while the aircraft is on the ground. Leave 

Iridium GO! OFF when boarding an aircraft.

Appareils auditifs

Certains téléphones sans fil numériques peuvent nuire au 

bon fonctionnement de certains appareils auditifs. En cas 

d’interférence, veuillez vous renseigner auprès du fabricant de 

votre appareil auditif pour connaître les solutions de rechange 


Autres appareils médicaux 

Si vous utilisez un autre appareil médical personnel, contactez 

le fabricant de votre appareil pour vérifier s’il est équipé d’un 

système antibrouillage de l’énergie HF externe. Votre médecin 

pourra vous aider à déterminer la compatibilité avec votre 

appareil médical.

Mettez votre appareil hors tension dans les centres de soins de 

santé lorsque le règlement vous y invite. Les hôpitaux ou les 

centres de soins de santé utilisent parfois du matériel sensible 

aux signaux radioélectriques externes.


Le règlement des compagnies aériennes vous interdit d’utiliser 

votre appareil Iridium GO! en vol. Vérifiez auprès de votre 

compagnie aérienne si elle autorise ou non l’utilisation de 

votre appareil lorsque l’avion est au sol et conformez-vous à 

ces dispositions. Laissez l’appareil Iridium GO! hors tension au 

moment de monter à bord d’un avion.

14  Iridium GO! User Manual


3:  Device overview


Device screen

Navigation buttons


  Status LED


  Swivel antenna 


  Power button


  USB power / data connection


  SOS button


   External antenna connector 

and reset button


  Lanyard connector


  Battery cover


  Accessory connector  


(1/4” screw mount)




  Pressure vent
















Iridium GO! User Manual  15


4:   Getting started with Iridium GO!

Everything needed to enhance the use of Iridium GO! is included within the box: 

•  Iridium GO! device

• Battery

•  Universal AC Travel Charger

•  USB Charging/Data Cable

•  Four International Adapters

•  DC Adapter (Car Charger)

•  Protective Cover

•  User Manual

•  Legal Information Booklet

•  GEOS Emergency Services Brochure

STEP ONE: Set up the Iridium GO! device

Begin setup of your new Iridium GO! device by ensuring the SIM card is inserted, the battery is 

installed and charged, and the battery cover is properly attached. The following important steps 

will walk you through the process, and ensure the device is properly set up. Be sure to follow all 

instructions prior to using Iridium GO!. 

STEP ONE: Set up the Iridium GO! device 

STEP TWO: Set up your smartphone

STEP THREE:  Pair Iridium GO! with your smartphone

STEP FOUR: Configure the application

Iridium GO!  

in four simple steps:

16  Iridium GO! User Manual


Inserting the SIM card

1. Remove the battery cover with a flat blade screw-driver, or a small coin.

2. Slide SIM card-holder toward the hinges, and lift to open.

3. Insert SIM card into slot.

4. Close card-holder, and slide it away from the hinges to lock.

Installing the battery

1. Install the battery with the gold battery contacts facing down over the four connector contacts.

2. Replace the battery cover, and ensure screws are firmly tightened to maintain correct water 

resistant seal.

Charging your battery

1. Open the USB cover, and firmly plug in the USB cable.

2. Connect the USB cable to the Universal AC Travel Charger, or Car Charger.

3. When charging is complete, remove the USB cable, and close the USB cover to maintain water 

resistant seal.


1.   The battery will automatically stop charging in very low or high temperatures. (Standard Li-Ion charging range between 0°C to 

45°C battery temperature).

2.   Charge time of 4 to 5 hours using the included AC Travel or Car Charger.

3.   Iridium GO! can be charged from the USB port of your PC, laptop or USB hub (500mA port or higher). Please use the supplied USB 

cable. Charging in this method will take longer compared to using the included chargers. 

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