The Impact of Dialogic Teaching on English Language Learners’ Speaking and Thinking Skills

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Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.8 Number4 December 2017 Pp 49 -67
The I mpact of Dial ogic Teachin g on En glish Lan guage Learners ’ Sp eakin g 
and Thinking Skil ls
Ishraga Bashir Mohammed Elhassan 
English and literature Department, Faculty of Arts
Al-Neelain University, Sudan 
Mohammed Idris Adam
English Department 
University of Alfashir, Sudan
This paper aims to invest i gat e t he influence of di alogi c teachi ng on the 
devel opm ent of t he l earners ' speaking ski ll s and criti cal thi nki ng. It i s quest ioni ng 
wh y S udanes e t erti ary students are unabl e to express t hems el ves efficientl y and 
com fort abl y. This s eems cruci al and i mperative for a col lege st udent and i t 
shouldn’t shape any obstacle as a prerequisite for future development. 
Accordi ngl y, thi s paper pos es a si gni ficant is sue that ever y learner of English
needs to pond er. To coll ect dat a for the stud y, three tools has been us ed; a 
questionnaire, an int ervi ew and an obs ervational checklist . The questionnai re was
distribut ed throughout the s tudent s of second, t hird and fourth year universit y 
students who had been s elect ed from di fferent S udanes e uni versi ties. The 
coll ect ed dat a is anal yz ed quantit ativel y and qualit ati vel y. Dat a anal ys is has
shown that di al ogi c t eachi ng enabl es students to devel op the ski lls of 
argum ent ati on, quest ioning and debat e which cont ri but e t o the d evel opm ent of 
thei r criti cal t hinki ng and speaking skill s. Generall y, the fi ndings indicat e that 
aut henti c di alogi c t eaching components are effective i f students are given enough 
time to practi ce its skills . Hence recom mendati ons for exposing learners to a
vari et y of m edium of speaking li ke dial ogues , debate, argum ent ati on and 
questioning are m ade to facilit at e t eachers to be more well -informed with dialogi c 
teaching approach.
Key wor ds
: dialogi c teaching , Engli sh l anguage l earners, speaki ng s kill criti cal
thinki ng skill s
Cite as
: Elhassan, I. B. M., & Adam, M. I. (2017). The Impact of Dialogic Teaching on English 
Language Learners’ speaking and Thinking Skills. 
Arab World English Journal, 8

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