Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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Tampa, USFL27, Hillsborough Regional Science Fair  
Role of Human Cellular Apoptosis Susceptibility Protein (hCAS) in Pancreatic 
Samra Kazim, 15, Sophomore, Tampa Bay Technical High School, Tampa, Florida, 
T: Troy Suarez
ME030   Monocytic Gene Cell Therapy: Potential Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease 
Jasmine Samaiya Roberts, 17, Senior, Paul R. Wharton High School, Tampa, Florida, 
T: Carmen Austin
Tavares, USFL34, Lake Regional Science & Engineering Fair  
CH003   Effect of Copper Ion Chelation on Curcumin’s Antioxidant Capacity 
Chelsea Lynn Massaro, 17, Junior, Christian Home & Bible School, Mount Dora, 
Florida, T: Laura Barker
West Palm Beach, USFL29, Palm Beach County Science and Engineering Fair  
CS023   Efficacy of Crowdsourcing in Generating Accurate Semantic Metadata 

Tucker Sterling Elliott, 18, Senior, Suncoast Community High School, Riviera Beach, 
Florida, T: Ronald Howard
ME046   Biomagnetism: Force or Fiction? 
Gregory Derrick Poore, 17, Junior, Suncoast Community High School, Riviera Beach, 
Florida, T: Ronald Howard
Albany, USGA01, Darton College/Merck Regional Science Fair
EE080   Construction of a Feasible Einstein: Szilard Absorption Refrigeration System 

Spencer Wilson, 18, Freshman, Colquitt County High School, Moultrie, Georgia, 
T: Vance Alan Hurst
EM050   Effects of CO2 Enrichment and N2 on the Growth of Brassica juncea 
Anjana Kumar, 16., Junior, Americus-Sumter High School South, Americus, Georgia, 
T: Pushpa Sundara Rajan
Athens, USGA50, Georgia State Science and Engineering Fair  
Gastro Microbial Fuel Cell: A Novel Implementation of a GMFC in Capsular 

Raja Selvakumar, 15, Sophomore, Milton High School, Milton, Georgia, 
T: Karol Higgins
CH035   Synthesizing Task-Specific Methylimidazole-Based Ionic Liquids 
Uchenna Fredoline Anunobi, 18, Senior, Rockdale Magnet School for Science and 
Technology, Conyers, Georgia, T: Diana Kennen
CS056   SEOR:_Simulated Environment for Object Reconstruction 
Elliott Suk Chung, 18, Senior, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and 
Technology, Lawrenceville, Georgia, T: Steve Garrison
PH053   Effects of Cathode Composition on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion 
Charles Douglas Ramey, 18, Senior, Northgate High School, Newnan, Georgia, 
T: Warren James Bernard
Athens, USGA02, Northeast Georgia Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
BE057   Epigenetic Factors Influence Drosophila Brain Function and Aggressive 
Behavior, Phase V 

Andrew Wooyoung Kim, 18, Senior, Cedar Shoals High School, Athens, Georgia, 
T: Julie Throne
Atlanta, USGA03, Atlanta Science and Mathematics Congress                       
EV320T  Alternative Methods of Optimizing Food Production in “Red-Lined” and Urban 
Food Deserts Using Aquaponics and Hydroponics vs. Conventional Growing 
Quantavious Yorel Griggs, 16., Sophomore; Nouhayla Houssaini, 17, Junior
Benjamin E. Mays High School, Atlanta, Georgia, T: Geraldine Hall Nix
PH036   Glider Wings Shape 
Jason Lathbury, 16., Junior, Henry Grady High School, Atlanta, Georgia, 
T: Nikolai Curtis

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Brunswick, USGA05, Coastal Georgia Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
EE081   Microwave Efficiency 
Douglas Monroe Jones, 15, Sophomore, Glynn Academy High School, Brunswick, 
Georgia, T: Ingrid Brown
Buford, USGA11, Gwinnett Regional Fair  
ET069   Investigating Concentration and Composition of PPDs in Biodiesel 
Danish Singh, 16., Sophomore, Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and 
Technology, Lawrenceville, Georgia, T: Melissa Kinard
MI053   Neutralization of Escherichia coli Bacteria with Food Extracts 
Aprotim Cory Bhowmik, 14, Freshman, Parkview High School, Lilburn, Georgia, 
T: Steve Kuninsky
PH317T  Cost-Efficient Detection of Infrared Radiation 
Sunyoung Wang, 17, Junior; Guillermo Bautista, 17, Junior; He Sun Kim, 17, Senior
Mill Creek High School, Hoschton, Georgia, T: Phillip Powell
Conyers, USGA12, Rockdale Regional Science & Engineering Fair  
BE004   Analyzing the Consistency of the Rorschach and Multiple Intelligences 
Katlyn Marie Firkus, 17, Junior, Rockdale Magnet School for Science and 
Technology, Conyers, Georgia, T: Scott Bolen
ME007   Isolating Candidate Genes Affecting Diabetes Using a Mouse Model Data Set 
Lauren Nicole Reagin, 17, Junior, Rockdale Magnet School for Science and 
Technology, Conyers, Georgia, T: Amanda Baskett
Griffin, USGA09, Griffin RESA Regional Science Fair  
EV002   Use of Satellite Imagery to Study the Effect of Land Cover on Water Quality 
in Spalding County, Georgia 
Jed Matthew Mercado Paz, 15, Sophomore, Griffin High School, Griffin, Georgia, 
T: Justina Russell
MA301T  The Science of a Math Game 
Mynah Jaye Holloway, 14, Freshman; Vivian H. Nguyen, 15, Freshman
Starr’s Mill High School, Fayetteville, Georgia, T: Kelly Rock, T: Christina Bryant
McDonough, USGA06, Henry County Science and Engineering Fair  
BE026   Academic Dishonesty: Factors to a Student’s Success, Year Two 

Krupa Merchant, 16., Junior, Dutchtown High School, Hampton, Georgia, 
T: Shaheen Begum
Biomarkers for CIN Gene(ZW10) Mutations in Early Ovarian Cancer 
Sierra Dominique Harris, 15, Freshman, Dutchtown High School, Hampton, Georgia, 
T: Shaheen Begum
EM025   Green Electricity from Waste, Is It Possible? 
Tushar Mittal, 14, Freshman, Dutchtown High School, Hampton, Georgia, 
T: Shaheen Begum
Milledgeville, USGA07, Georgia College & State University Regional Science and Engineering 
CH024   An Air-Stable Lithium Ion Porphyrin Precursor of Transition Metal Complexes 
Geovic Englis Jadol, 16., Junior, Georgia Military College Preparatory School, 
Milledgeville, Georgia, T: Rosalie A. Richards
Savannah, USGA08, Savannah Ogeechee Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
ET009   Acoustic Cavitation at the Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell Cathode Layer for 
Sustainable Hydrogen Production 

Eric Lau, 16., Junior, Savannah Arts Academy, Savannah, Georgia, 
T: Kathy Maher
Warner Robins, USGA10, Houston Regional Science and Engineering Fair          
ET010   Which Ethanol, Consumer Grade Sweet Potato or Commercially Made Corn, 
in a Gasoline Mixture Will Emit the Least Amount of Noxious Gases, Namely 
Hydrocarbon (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO
), and Nitrous 
Oxide (NOx), When Run through a Compatible Four-stroke Engine? 
Kristin Virginia Walker, 16., Junior, Warner Robins High School, Warner Robins, 
Georgia, T: Randi Collier

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