Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2011

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ME028   Hypocholesterolemic and Hypoglycemic Effects of Medicinal Herbs: Natural 
Remedies for Obesity and Diabetes 

Renuka Ramchandran, 15, Sophomore, John A. Ferguson Senior High School, 
Miami, Florida, T: Francisco Jurado
New Port Richey, USFL30, Pasco Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
Audio Perception: Plotting the Pathway of the BK Channel 
Sophia Paulina Mae Sokolowski, 16., Junior, Academy at the Lakes, Land O’ Lakes, 
Florida, T: Amy Jordan
ME099   Why Diabetics Need to Know the Complexities of Carbohydrates 
Aubrey Alexandra Jones, 16., Junior, James W. Mitchell High School, New Port 
Richey, Florida, T: Edwin Braddy
Ocala, USFL16, Big Springs Regional Science Fair  
ME005   Analyzing Polyglutamine Tracts of Huntington’s Disease for Gene Expression 
Nikhil Sanon, 16., Junior, Vanguard High School, Ocala, Florida, T: Robert Hoki
ME006   Pharmological and Gene Therapy Treatments for Pompe Disease 
Rohini Singh, 18, Senior, Forest High School, Ocala, Florida, T: Jane Beebe
MI002   Purification and Structural Determination of Adeno-Associated Virus 
Serotype 7 through Crystallography at pH 5.5 and pH 6.0 
Karina Manoogian, 18, Senior, Vanguard High School, Ocala, Florida, 
T: Robert Hoki
Orlando, USFL50, State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida—Ying Scholars  
The Effect of Methyl Jasmonate on Crown Gall Regression and Protein 
Production in Lycopersicon esculentum 
Chad Lawrence Harris, 18, Senior, Palm Bay High School, Melbourne, Florida, 
T: Michael O’Donnel
CS002   Creation and Navigation of a 3D Environment with Stereo Vision, a 

Dylan Cooper Dalrymple, 16., Sophomore, Pensacola High School, Pensacola, 
Florida, T: Cherie Chrisco
Synthesizing Hydrocarbon Derivatives as an Alternative Fuel Source Utilizing 
Effluent Gas from a Catalytic Converter in a Two Stage Induction System 
with Cobalt Molybdenum Copper in a Hydrodesulphurization Process to 
Reduce Carbon Emissions 

Justin Kenrick Ramsaran, 17, Senior, Palm Bay High School, Melbourne, Florida, 
T: Michael O’Donnell
ME004   Inhibition of Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1: A Novel Therapeutic 
Approach for Diabetic Vascular Disease 

Samantha Renae Prabakaran, 15, Sophomore, Fort Myers High School, Fort Myers, 
Florida, T: Cathy Tucker
Orlando, USFL17, Dr. Nelson Ying-Orange County Science Exposition  
BE001   Associations between Positive Health Behaviors and Psychological Distress 
Emily Leona Welch, 16., Junior, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, Florida, 
T: Christi Tamayo
Anti-Toxin Properties of Grape Extracts, Year Three 

Srikar Patlola Reddy, 17, Senior, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, 
Florida, T: Christi Ann Tamayo
EN001   The Diagnostic Analysis with Visible Light of Acetone Compared to 
Glucometer Detection and the Identification of Acetone Related Volatile 
Organic Compounds 
Elizabeth Sara Ross, 17, Senior, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, 
Florida, T: Christi Tamayo
EN002   Catalytic Oxidation of 2-Butanol Utilizing Size-Selected Platinum 

Elaine Zhou, 18, Senior, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, Florida, 
T: Christi Tamayo
ET002   Effects of Dopants on the Morphology and Efficiency of Conjugated Polymer 
OPV Devices 
Arjun Mathur, 17, Senior, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, Florida, 
T: Judith Legault

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ME001   Effects of Nanoparticles and NSAIDs on Sp Protein and Survivin Expression 
after Radiation in Head and Neck Cancer 
Shannon Somer Stockton, 17, Senior, Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando, 
Florida, T: Christi Tamayo
Palmetto, USFL02, Manatee Lockheed Regional Science and Engineering Fair              
EE035   A High Efficiency Solar Energy Collection System 
Katherine Lee Zimmerman, 15, Freshman, Braden River High School, Bradenton, 
Florida, T: Marybeth Witham
PH028   The Effect of Thermophoresis on Vertical Alignment of Dust Particles in 
Bilayer Complex Plasma 
Patrick Louis Facheris, 18, Senior, Manatee High School, Bradenton, Florida, 
T: Patricia Zalo
Pensacola, USFL20, West Panhandle Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
PH001   An Examination of the Dielectric Response of the 8CB Liquid Crystal over the 
Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition 
Priya Garg, 15, Senior, Pensacola High School, Pensacola, Florida, T: Cherie Chrisco
Saint Augustine, USFL21, River Region East Science Fair  
MA027   Developing a Cipher Based on Variation between Non-Base 10 Number 
Caroline Knight Snowden, 15, Sophomore, Ponte Vedra High School, Ponte Vedra, 
Florida, T: Steve Lyons
Sanford, USFL23, Seminole County Regional Science, Mathematics & Engineering Fair  
BE011   An Analysis of Listener Perception and Visual Replication of Sonifications: 
A Third Year Study 

Neel Sanjay Patel, 16., Junior, Oviedo High School, Oviedo, Florida, 
T: PJ Kreahling
ME015   The Effects of Zinc Gluconate and Two Other Divalent Cationic Compounds 
on Olfactory Function 
Christopher Anthony Duncan-Lewis, 18, Senior, Winter Springs High School, Winter 
Springs, Florida, T: Janine Kay Miraglia
PS005   Evaluation of Ubiquitin Promoter Expression Abilities for Potential Use in 
Transgenic Grape Vine (Vitis vinifera) 

Stephen Taylor Bethel, 18, Senior, Lake Brantley High School, Altamonte Springs, 
Florida, T: Megan Rinyu
Sarasota, USFL32, Sarasota Regional Science, Engineering and Technology Fair  
ET054   Harvesting Wave Energy Using a Full Scale Piezo Buoy 
Garrett Lee Moler, 17, Junior, Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Florida, 
T: Andy Harshman
ME071   Neural Network Diagnostics for Breast Cancer 

Brittany Michelle Wenger, 16., Sophomore, The Out-of-Door Academy, Sarasota, 
Florida, T: Dan Oryschak
Sebring, USFL01, Heartland Regional Science and Engineering Fair  
Grow Me Some Green! 
Brooke Suzanne Conley, 15, Freshman, Hardee Senior High School, Wauchula, 
Florida, T: Robert Beatty
CH005   Electrolysis 
Mariana Maldonado, 15, Sophomore, Desoto County High School, Arcadia, Florida, 
T: Carolyn Crews
EV026   Macroinvertebrate Response in Lemkin Creek to Wetland Treated Water 
David Johnathan Blount, 15, Freshman, Okeechobee High School, Okeechobee, 
Florida, T: Erica Richonda Manson
PS024   Nature’s Nurture 
Warner A. Ward, 16., Junior, Moore Haven Junior-Senior High School, Moore Haven, 
Florida, T: Ted Dearstyne
Tallahassee, USFL26, Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair                  
Denaturation of Tryptophan Zippers Using CHARMM Simulator Technology 
Elizabeth Sell, 15, Sophomore, Lincoln High School, Tallahassee, Florida, 
T: Brian McClain

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