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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017

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Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
    Long  vowels  are  written in the IPA with a triangular colon which has two 
equilateral triangles pointing at each other in place of dots: i:. Half-long vowels 
are expressed like this: iˑ. Longer vowels are sometimes claimed, but these are 
always divided between two syllables. 
       According  to  rules of phonology, a feature of a speech sound which 
changes under the influence of position, neighbouring speech sounds and other 
external factors cannot be a minimal distinctive feature. It can only be an 
incidental feature. Variations in the length of the English vowels are their 
incidental features. The distinctively relevant features of the English vowels are 
constituted by variations in their quality. Each of the English historically short 
and long vowels is a separate phoneme, for which there must be a separate 
symbol in a phonemic transcription. Each of the historically long and short 
vowel phonemes has not only allophones slightly differing from each other in 
quality, but also quantitatively-different allophones. 
     V.A.Vassilyev states that the above-mentioned two English diphthongoids 
are actually ideophones which are replaceable by the long monophthongs |i:, u:|, 
respectively. There is something similar between V.A.Vassilyev’s ideophones |i:, 
u:| and D.Jones’s notes about diphthongization of long English |u:| and |i:|. In his 
“Outline” he writes: ”Many English people diphthongize slightly the sound |u:|, 
especially when final. This diphthongization takes the form of a gradual increase 
of the lip-rounding…It is better for foreign learners not to attempt to diphthongize 
the English |u:|, because an exaggeration of the diphthong sounds incorrect”. He 
says the same words in connection with the pronunciation of the English vowel 
     It is necessary to note that of 12 RP English monophthongs four short ones 
are limited in their use in syllables, namely the monophthongs |e|, |ʌ|, |æ|, |o|, 
which do not occur at the end of words, in an open syllable. The neutral vowel 
|ə| cannot be under stress. But the phonemic status of these vowels are proved 
by such words in which the only differentiating feature is their opposition to 
long vowels, as in: bad-bard; cut-cart; cot-caught; Betty-better. The phonemic 
status of |ə| is proved by opposing it to the unstressed |ı|, or even to long |i:|. 
     Traditional  English  phonics teaching often used the term “long vowel” for 
any pronunciation at the preschool to first grade level that might result from the 
addition of a silent e or other vowel letters. 
     It must be noted that in Middle English the long vowels /i:, e:, o:, u:, a:, ɔ:, 
:/ were generally written i..e, e..e, oo, o..e,  u..e, ea, a..e. With the Great Vowel 
Shift, they came to be pronounced /aı, i:, eı, oʊ, u:, aʊ. ea and oo are not called 
long vowels today. They are digraphs. French influenced the language. The 
letter /u/ was replaced with ou. It is no longer considered a long vowel either. 
Long vowels of Modern English are those vowels written with the help of a 
silent e. 
    There is one other short vowel-ə. This central vowel is called schwa and is a 
very familiar sound in English. It is heard in the first syllable of the words 

Filologiya məsələləri, 2017 
‘forgive’, ‘forbid’. It is different from the other vowels in several important 
ways. [4] 
   A.C.Gimson writes: “The opposition between the members of the pairs is a 
complex of quality and quantity; and of the two factors it is likely that quality 
carries the greater contrastive weight”. [3] 
    Vowel length may be traced to assimilation. 
   The length of the vowel is a grammatical abstraction. There may be more 
phonologically distinctive lengths. There are five different physical lengths in 
Finnish, because stress is marked with length on both grammatically long and 
short vowels. Stress is not lexical in Finnish language and is always on the first 
two moras. [5] 
    Some authors claim that phonemes can only be analysed from oppositions. If 
we find a word which cannot be turned into another word or other words by 
substitution of phonemes, it cannot be analysed into phonemes. [6] 
   We cannot imagine a word without vowels. But there are many words such as 
church, wyrm, worst in rhotic dialects of English, as in Canada and the United 
States. These words are analysed by phoneticians as having no vowels, only a 
syllabic consonant. Other analyze these words instead as having a rhotic vowel. 
The difference may be partially one of dialect. 
    Any  person  is  able  to  analyse  into phonemes a new or an invented word 
consisting of phonemes of his mother-tongue. Every day this is done without 
looking for oppositions. Of course, we can make such an analysis. Because we 
have met all the phonemes of our native langue in many and varied 
1. S.Babayev, M.Qarayeva English Phonology. Bakı, Maarif, 1999. s.17 
2. Dəmirçizadə Ə. Müasir Azərbaycan dili. Bakı, 2007, s.38 
3. Vassilyev V.A. English Phonetics. Moscow, 1970, s.202 
4. Peter Roach Phonetics. English phonetics and phonology. Oxford University 
Press 2008 st.116, s.16 
6. Dickushina O.J. English Phonetics. Moscow, 1965, s.60 
Səs uzunluğu bir çox dillərdə vacib faktorlardan biridir. Bəzi dillər sait 
uzunluğun fonetik cəhətdən qəbul etmirlər. Bir çox dillər üçün üç sait səs 
uzunluğu qrupu müəyyənləşdirilib. Ingilis dilinin bir çox dialektlərində 
allofonik sait uzunluğu mövcuddur. Ingilis monoftonqları uzun və qısa olmaqla 
iki qrupda cəmləşdirilir.Onlardan beşi uzun, yeddisi qısa saitdir. Uzun saitlər 
sözün istənilən yerində  işlədilə bilər,  əvvəlində, ortasında və sonunda, həm 
qapalı, həm də açıq hecada. Fonologiyanın qaydalarına görə danışıq səsləri 
qonşuluqda olan səslərin, xarici faktorların təsiri ilə  dəyişə bilər. Sözləri 

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